Consulting Services

At Highwood Technologies, we design and develop software for embedded systems and Windows. We began by delivering software to the embedded systems marketplace. However, early on we recognized the need to interface embedded and Windows programs. Highwood now provides both services, as well as a strong background in Software Process to better serve our customers. We can  provide turnkey project development. or work with your development team - either way - Highwood will make a positive impact on your project!

Embedded Systems

We have been involved with a variety of products and overall engineering processes, including:

  • Communications
  • Medical Device Software (FDA classes 1 - 3).
  • Graphics/Display Software
  • Manufacturing Test Software

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We specialize in Windows programs that interface to embedded systems, including:

  • NTSC Waveform Viewer
  • TCP/IP Network  Device Administration
  • Remote Interface Applications to Medical Devices

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